TreePlotter User Conference

TreePlotter User Conference


Every TreePlotter client uses their software application in slightly different ways. The TreePlotter Virtual User Conference is a chance to share and learn from a global network of users and PlanIT Geo experts to maximize the value you get from your subscription.

Sessions will run throughout the day on range feature tutorials, client examples, and best practices for leveraging TreePlotter at all levels of urban forestry programming. We hope that you can join us and bring your unique perspective to share!

Discussions at Trees + Tech Summit

Event Timeline

March 5, 2024 – Mountain Standard Time (UTC/GMT -6 hours)


7am - 9am

UK FOCUS – 2pm-4pm local time


9am - 12:30pm



4pm - 7pm

AUSTRALIA FOCUS – 8am – 11am local time

TreePlotter User Conference TreePlotter CANOPY

TreePlotter User Conference 2024 Presenters

Alexandra Hancock PlanIT Geo Climate Consultant

Alex Hancock

PlanIT Geo

Urban Forestry Climate Consultant

close up of a man smiling and standing in front of a tree

Ben Wittman

PlanIT Geo

Data Manager

Beth Corrigan PlanIT Geo Customer Success Manager

Beth Corrigan

PlanIT Geo

Customer Success Manager

close up of a woman standing in front of a tree

Cherry Drudge-Coates

PlanIT Geo

Head of Customer Support U.K

PlanIT Geo Board of Advisors member Cecil Konijnendijk

Ian Hanou

PlanIT Geo

CEO and Founder

Tree Inventory Technician Judith Menzl with PlanIT Geo

Judith Menzl

PlanIT Geo

Customer Support Specialist

Maggie DeLauter

Maggie DeLauter

PlanIT Geo

Professional Services Lead


Peter Aldag Presenter at Trees and Tech Summit 2023

Peter Aldag

PlanIT Geo

Implementation Engineer


Rocky Yosek PlanIT Geo

Rocky Yosek

PlanIT Geo

Field Services Operations and Account Manager


close up of a man standing in front of a tree

Russell Horsey

Goetre Villa

TreePlotter™ Software Partner













Learning Outcomes


Skill Sharing

Attendees will get a foundational understanding of what’s here and what’s coming in urban forestry technology, including interactive instruction, real-world examples, and suggested use cases


New Feature Training

Attendees will have time for in-depth discussions on technology in urban forestry to share and compare how others’ ideas can work for them


Tips & Tricks

Attendees will be able to apply the discussed tech and innovations to their own specific urban forestry needs, challenges, and interests


Compare Tools & Data Outputs

Attendees will be able to compare tools and data outputs presented with traditional methods to find new ways of measuring and managing their urban forest and tree care operations.

New features in TreePlotter
TreePlotter User Conference TreePlotter INVENTORY

About Your Host


PlanIT Geo™ is a global urban forestry consulting and software development firm. Since 2012, our expert team integrates experience, cutting-edge technology, and planning for urban forestry, parks, and arboriculture.

Save time and money with increased efficiency, better communication, and use of real-time data for better decision making. PlanIT Geo services and TreePlotter™ Software Suite will take urban forestry, parks, and sustainability programs to the next level.

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