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February 10, 2020


PlanIT Geo™ provides a variety of urban forestry consulting services for government entities across the United States, providing a personalized approach to develop long and short-term urban forest management goals. Some of the services offered are management and master plans, Urban Forestry Websitesdata collection and analysis, canopy action plans, planting plans, i-Tree studies, operational work plans, ordinance policy and review, tree pest and disease plans, risk tree plans, and much more. 


Chris Peiffer, the Director of Consulting Services at PlanIT Geo since 2014, has worked with many communities, counties, conservation districts, and non-profit groups over his career.

When working with a variety of stakeholders it is important to have the right skills and ability to accomplish a plan that is right for the client and produces actionable goals.


We recently received an email from one of our clients, Justin Combs, Parks and Facilities Director, City of Hutchinson, KS. He shared with us what it was like to work with the PlanIT Geo team and what his next steps were after the completion of their Urban Forest Master Plan. Here is what Justin had to say:

“I just want you to know that I was very impressed with your team and specifically, Chris! He did an outstanding job and exceeded all of my expectations.


One of the first items that I am currently working on is an ordinance update. As part of the plan, we did an ordinance review and Chris was able to make many good suggestions. I hope to have the ordinance update complete and ready for City Council approval in the first quarter of 2020.


The Master Plan has especially helped me to work with my tree board and we are seeing more progress with the time that we are allotted. We’ve divided the tree board members and staff into 3 task forces that will each work on one of the key goals outlined in the plan. For example, I am on the task force working on fostering community support and our first goal is to more clearly define the role of the tree board. Prior to the master plan, the tree board really just relied on staff to provide direction. The board as a whole only meets for one hour per month so by dividing up into smaller workgroups that meet more often we will be more able to address some of the year one action items.


I am excited about the potential that we have now that we have a very detailed roadmap on how to ensure our canopy continues to be an incredible asset to our community.”

Ian Hanou, Founder & CEO of PlanIT Geo said, “Chris is so patient, listens well, and follows through with quality work, and people just love working with him! I have heard similar reactions from clients that have worked with him on canopy strategy reports, work planning, strategic planning, you name it.”

We appreciate Justin reaching out to us and sharing his experience of working with Chris and how his team is moving forward with the implementation of their master plan. We look forward to watching the progress of the Hutchinson Urban Forestry program and many others we’ve had the pleasure of working with.


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