Case Study: How Longview, Washington Uses Canopy Data

Preemptive Canopy Assessment Has Longview Ready For What Comes Next

Longview’s urban forest is approaching a tipping point.


As a planned city, street trees were planted en masse during the town’s construction and now many of those ancient trees are in decline. Longview’s Parks Department is taking a proactive stance toward these looming changes by tracking its trees from the bottom up AND the top down.

PlanIT Geo completed a street and park tree inventory in 2018 and an urban tree canopy assessment in 2022. The inventory and UTC assessment have built a baseline of information to help Longview’s Parks Department maintain sufficient resources, tactically update their comprehensive plan and urban forest management plan, and tell the story of their urban forest to city council and the public.

We spoke with Joanna Martin, Parks and Urban Forestry Manager at the City of Longview, to learn how their urban tree canopy assessment and TreePlotter™ CANOPY software are being leveraged to support the department’s goals.

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Access the Longview, Washington Case Study

Access the Longview, Washington Case Study

“We are ready if priorities or funding shifts. This canopy data is something I can continually pull from, depending on what our needs are.”

-Joanna Martin, Parks and Urban Forestry Manager at the City of Longview