Tree Inventory: Project Summary

Boston, MA, USA
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Having a well-managed urban forest provides a wide range of social, environmental, and economic benefits. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, trees provide quantifiable services to the community, such as reduced energy consumption, improved air quality, lower air temperatures, and physical and mental health benefits for residents. Urban tree inventories evaluate trees for species, health, location, and other fields defined by the city. Once collected, this tree data helps urban forest managers proactively manage their operations to ensure a healthy, sustainable urban forest.

City Tree Inventory Recommendations

  • Fix sidewalk damage caused by tree roots
  • Monitor trees in poor/dying/dead condition.
  • Maintain or establish a cyclical, routine tree monitoring and maintenance schedule.
  • Crown cleaning (routine pruning)
  • Clearance pruning
  • Data will be used to identify neighborhoods that need to be planted and social justice areas

Key Insights

Total Eco Benefits

Planting Sites Inventoried

Total Trees Inventoried