Urban Forest Management Plan

Alexandria, LA, USA

Healthy Trees, Healthy City.

Alexandria’s urban forest is a thriving and sustainable mix of tree and understory species and ages that creates a contiguous and healthy ecosystem that is valued and cared for by the City and all of its residents as an essential environmental, economic, and shared community asset that reinforces Alexandria’s identity and legacy as a forested, livable city.

Alexandria Urban Forest Management Plan Mission Statement

The City of Alexandria, in partnership with the community and urban forestry consultants, completed this Urban Forest Management Plan in 2021. This Plan is a guide to maintain, protect, and enhance Alexandria’s already extensive tree canopy cover resource and the multitude of associated benefits. The Urban Forest Management Plan extends beyond maintenance and operational guidance to include a variety of long-term goals, strategies, and priorities to achieve optimal levels of urban forest management, sustainability, and equity in a comprehensive and systematic manner. Achieving the goals set forth in this Plan requires a shared commitment and partnership between the City and its community to sustain a thriving urban forest providing benefits to Alexandria’s environment, economy, and well-being for future generations.

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Access the Urban Forest Management Plan

Urban Forest Management Plan, Alexandria, Louisiana, USA


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