Urban Forest Management Report

Omni Community Redevelopment Agency of Miami, FL

The Omni Community Redevelopment Agency (“Omni CRA”, “CRA”) supports projects for the redevelopment and revitalization of this community within the City of Miami. The CRA is committed to improving the quality of life for residents in the district and creating affordable housing and economic opportunities. The district includes residential neighborhoods, parks, and recreational opportunities that create an attractive area to live, work, and play. Trees are an integral component of the urban environment. Their shade and beauty contribute to the community’s quality of life and soften the hard appearance of concrete structures, parking lots, and streets. Trees help stabilize soils by controlling wind and water erosion and also help reduce noise levels; cleanse pollutants from the air; produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Recently, the CRA contracted with The John Scott Dailey Florida Institute of Government at FAU for Technical Services Support. This contract is for urban forestry professionals to complete a street and park tree inventory within the boundaries of the district, and assist with decision making and implementation for an Urban Forest Management Program. In addition to the inventory, this Urban Forest Management Report (“Report”) was developed to provide a thorough evaluation and summary of the inventoried trees.

While the urban forest serves as an important and integral part of the district and the city as a whole, serious challenges can negatively impact the care and management of the trees within it. The purpose of the Urban Forest Management Report is to provide a framework to effectively manage the urban forest as a sustainable asset, consistent with the values and needs of the district and the community while maximizing its benefits.


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Urban Forest Management Report Insights

11.8 Inches

Average Tree Diameter


Annual Tree Benefits

104 (11%) Oak Trees

Most Common Species