Puget Sound, USA

The Puget Sound region in northwestern Washington State is a complex system of connected waterways across 12 counties. The population of the region has increased by 13% since 2010, and this growth is expected to continue. By 2050, the population in Puget Sound will grow from 4 million to 6 million people. Land development in the region’s most populous counties (King, Pierce, and Snohomish) has led to an expansion of impervious surfaces, which in turn
increases stormwater runoff and degrades water quality from pollutant loading. Comprehensive restoration plans and policies have been developed to address water quality degradation associated with urban development and increased stormwater.

The Puget Sound Urban Tree Canopy and Stormwater Analysis is designed to enhance the discussion around those plans and policies, with information about the role tree canopy plays in managing water quality and quantity in the Puget Sound region.

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