Leverage Your Tree Canopy Data

August 5, 2020

Written by Carrie Asselmeier


Tree canopy assessments provide essential data and information on a city’s urban forest, but then what?


Leveraging your tree canopy data after an assessment for activities such as urban forest management plans, invasive species planning, tree plantings, and more are an important step in the process of maintaining your urban forest.

There are endless ways to leverage your tree canopy data. To go into more depth on this, we have gathered a group of past tree canopy assessment clients as expert panelists for an upcoming webinar to give real life examples of how tree canopy data from assessments are used in their cities.


Our expert panelists include Jennifer Fink from Issaquah, Washington,  Elizabeth Walker from Seattle, Washington, Ann Marie Farrugia from Richmond Hill, Ontario, and Trey Akers from Davidson, North Carolina.


Logos from City of Issaquah, Washington, The Town of Davidson, and Richmond Hill.

Each city has completed a tree canopy assessment or change analysis in collaboration with PlanIT Geo™ in the last 5 years. Each panelist will bring a unique perspective of how to leverage your tree canopy data that stems from their experience using the data from the assessments completed for their cities. We will be discussing what inspired their assessment, how the tree canopy data has been used, explore the new tree focused programs that come from assessments, distinguish what was the most useful information provided by the assessments, and how each city hopes to continue maintaining their urban forests in the future.

Don’t miss the opportunity on Wednesday, August 12th at 1pm MTN time to hear from our experts how to leverage your tree canopy data and how tree canopy assessments can benefit your community!

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A cropped image of the full landcover map of Issaquah created in 2019.
A map of Issaquah's full landcover created by GIS team
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